William H. Slattery, III, MD

Allen Senne


Allen Senne joined House Ear Clinic as a senior staff audiologist in 1988 after earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Audiology from San Diego State University. He was promoted to Co-Director of Audiology in 1991 and served in that capacity until 1998 before resuming his academic studies. Allen earned his Doctor of Audiology degree from the University of Florida in 2000, and was employed in a privately owned audiology and hearing aid dispensing practice until returning to the House Ear Clinic in 2004, where he served as Director of Audiology. In 2012 he launched a satellite office in Ventura, returning once more to the downtown office once the new clinic was established. Allen is passionate about helping the deaf and hard-of-hearing through amplification and alternative assistance. When not at work he enjoys hiking, skiing, biking and swimming.


  • Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology and Audiology, San Diego State University
  • University of Florida Gainesville, Doctor of Audiology