The Temporal Bone Surgical Dissection Manual, 3rd edition by Ralph Nelson, MD, is one of the standards for training neurotologists and otolaryngologists. This volume is an introduction to the basic techniques for surgical dissection of the temporal bone in a stepwise fashion, with each dissection building upon a previous one. All procedures in the manual can be accomplished in 10 drilling sessions, with a maximum of two temporal bones. Each chapter occupies a full two or three-hour dissection period for the introductory student. Midway through the exercises, time may be taken for review.

This volume will also aid those who have previously studied the temporal bone to review already acquired skills. The repeated use of these dissections will allow the temporal bone surgeon to become skilled and knowledgeable enough to complete actual surgeries with confidence.

Product Details

Spiral Bound: 89 Pages

Publisher: House Ear Institute, Los Angeles (3rd Edition, Printed 2006)

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.375 x 11

In celebration of our 75th anniversary year, we are offering our Temporal Bone Surgical Dissection Manuals to medical professionals, residency, and fellowship programs free of charge (they typically cost $75 USD each). The only expense to you would be the cost of shipping and handling. We strive to accomplish our mission of a world where all may hear not only through our research, but also through our commitment to quality education for hearing professionals everywhere.

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