The House Institute Foundation and PIH Health House Clinic welcome otolaryngologists, neurosurgeons, residents in training, and hearing health specialists from all over the world to participate in the Visiting Physicians Program. In 2019, 55 physicians from 20 countries visited the House Institute. Over the years, tens of thousands of visiting physicians have traveled to the House Institute to learn from our faculty.

There is no charge for the Visiting Physicians Program. The House Clinic welcomes visiting doctors all year round. Visiting Physicians Program participants stay for a few days, a week, or even the maximum of three months. During their stay, they observe surgeries at PIH Health Good Samaritan Hospital and patient care by the physicians of the House Clinic. They attend lectures given during Grand Rounds by the physicians, fellows, and invited experts and may also participate in other weekly meetings that include journal club and radiology conference.


There are two separate applications necessary: a preliminary application that you may download below, and a second application for observing physicians in PIH Health House Clinic and surgeries at PIH Good Samaritan Hospital. Visiting physicians must complete both applications. The second application will be sent to you upon receipt and review of the preliminary application. Please pay particular attention to the required proof of immunity and recent tuberculosis testing.

It is recommended that you submit these two separate applications to at least three months before your desired start date in the program. Please indicate any flexibility you may have with your dates, as space is limited to two visiting physicians at any given time.


After acceptance of participation into the program, registration will be done in person at PIH Health House Clinic. Please report to the PIH Health House Clinic lobby between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. We will provide participants with a name badge and necessary information about meetings and schedules. Program participants must bring a white doctor’s or lab coat. A lab coat will not be provided by House Clinic; you may bring your own lab coat from your country with your hospital or clinic’s name. Appropriate business or business casual attire is required.

Location and Transportation

PIH Health House Clinic and PIH Health Good Samaritan Hospital are near to downtown Los Angeles, located at 1245 Wilshire Blvd Tower, Los Angeles, CA 90017. The closest subway (Metro) stations are Westlake/MacArthur Park or 7th St/Metro Center. Both are 0.7 miles walking distance. Parking is available for visiting physicians who plan to drive to the clinic themselves. The parking structure entrance is located off of Shatto Street, across from the hospital. The daily parking rate is $15 USD.

Professional Conduct

PIH Health House Clinic is pleased to host visitors from around the world who seek to expand their knowledge in hearing science. In keeping with a universal culture, visitors are expected to offer courtesy and respect for people and property, and to adhere to all policies of the clinic and hospital that apply to all others on the premises. The House Institute Foundation and PIH Health House Clinic reserve the right to refuse or terminate participation in the Visiting Physicians Program at any time.

Requirements for Vaccination and/or Proof of Immunity

The application for PIH Health House Clinic and PIH Health Good Samaritan Hospital will be sent to you upon completion of the preliminary application. This includes a series of forms, health clearance from a provider, and two multiple choice exams. The application documents must be entirely filled out and signed where appropriate. They must be submitted along with immunization records.

Immunization records must include the following:

  • Varicella: positive titer or documentation of 2 doses of VZV vaccine
  • Rubella: positive titer or documentation of 1 dose of MMR vaccine
  • Rubeola/Measles: positive titer or documentation of 2 doses of MMR vaccine
  • Mumps: positive titer or documentation of 2 doses of MMR vaccine
  • Tetanus, Diphteria, Pertussis (Tdap): positive titer or documentation of 1 dose within the last 10 years
  • Tuberculosis: negative tuberculosis PPD skin test or QuantiFERON-TB Gold test within the previous 12 months. If skin testing is positive, please submit documentation of a negative chest X-ray. If vaccinated against TB, documentation for Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine may instead be provided.
  • Hepatitis B: positive titer or documentation of completion of vaccination series
  • COVID-19: documentation of COVID-19 vaccination 
  • Influenza: documentation of flu vaccination for the current season if visit occurs during fall to early spring

Once all documentation is received, there is a three week turnaround time to obtain final health clearance for shadowing in clinic and surgery.