Our Team Behind the Scenes: Audrey Salzburg

Oct 17, 2021 | Faculty Spotlight, House Institute Foundation


From grateful patients to potential donors, Audrey, our Director of Development, enjoys connecting people’s passions and interests with the Institute’s research, education, and global health projects, so their gifts are personal and fulfilling in ways that are meaningful to them. Over the last year, Audrey has engaged with numerous contributors whose lives have been changed by the Institute and who are changing lives for others. Audrey’s international career led her down many paths to ultimately find what she considers this most fulfilling position with the House Institute. “Meet” Audrey and read her story!

What are your title and responsibilities? 

As Director of Development (DoD), my role is to create and implement a fund development plan to help us raise the vital funds needed to sustain and grow our organization. I say “us” because the DoD doesn’t do this work alone, it is a team effort, and I engage and collaborate with the board, staff, faculty, and even donors to help guide and implement the plan.

How long have you been working at the House Institute? I can’t believe this past July marked my one-year anniversary! I feel so connected to and passionate about our mission that time flies!

What keeps you coming into work every day? What do you value most about your work? Our donors and friends of the House Institute. I see my role as a relationship builder, and I enjoy meeting and getting to know those in our House family. My greatest joy is seeing a contributor light up when they tell me about the care they receive at House and get excited about how their gift has an impact and allows them to give back in a meaningful way. I received a Bachelor of Science degree in speech pathology and audiology and had every intention of continuing my education to become a doctor of audiology. That dream took a very different turn after a summer job in an advertising agency when my aptitude for writing and creative flair was recognized. After living and working abroad for several years, and an advertising career that eventually led me to nonprofit work, a mutual friend connected me to Jeremy who was looking to fill the DoD position. I guess this is the long way of saying that I am finally living my dream, purpose, and passion to help the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Thanks to the House Institute I was able to return to the road not taken, and I am grateful every day to be doing this important work.

To date, what professional achievement are you most proud of? 

I have been fortunate to work in the corporate world for large organizations, breaking glass ceilings in America, London, and Brussels. What I have learned along with the skills I have honed during these years, serve me in ways I never would have imagined as I transitioned to working in nonprofits. I am proud to be using these skills today in the not-for-profit world. Helping a donor find a way to give back that is meaningful to them is a joy that is hard to match, and a joy I get to experience on a weekly, often daily basis.

What would you like to see happen or changed in the next 75 years? 

We recently became members of the World Health Organization’s World Hearing Forum, and one of my passions is to help spread the word about ear and hearing care, and how hearing loss can be prevented. I would love to see this information being shared in schools and age-appropriate curriculum designed for all students.

What does House, “elevating hearing science to an art” mean to you? There is the craft, and then there is the art. Dr. House speaks about how we teach the science of medicine at the Institute, and then we take it a step further. We explain how and why we arrived at a proposed treatment and recommended care. You can teach people from books, you can show and tell them what to do, but the truly creative, inspired, and gifted people – whether it is in science or another industry – raise their craft to an art, and that’s what we do at the House Institute.

What effect do you hope telling your story will have on others? For me, this saying is very true: Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others. I hope telling my story will encourage others to give to our community in ways that are meaningful and important to them, so they, too, can experience the great joy that comes with giving to others. What a wonderful legacy!

Audrey and her husband Steven out celebrating a birthday, July 2021.

What do you like to do outside of work; what is your passion or hobby? I grew up in an apartment in Brooklyn where there wasn’t enough light to grow a houseplant. When I moved to England my appreciation for the color green in all its shades and hues blossomed. I became a keen gardener in my pastime, and even grew plants for the Queen’s nursery. This love of gardening, especially for growing scented plants, continues today.