Let’s move the needle on hearing and neurological sciences together.

“Our mission is threefold: ear and neuroscience research, education, and global hearing health, “so all may hear.”

Areas of Research




Cochlear Implant/ABI

Doctor with Patient

Clinical Research Trials

Our physicians and research scientists are committed to developing new solutions for patients with hearing related disorders and diseases. These treatments require clinical testing to their evaluate safety and efficacy. Enroll in our clinical trials to help the House Institute Foundation’s researchers gain a better understanding of the potential benefits and risks of these investigational therapies. Learn more about our current ongoing trials:

All trials are FDA-approved and overseen by a highly professional medical team.

A Team of Doctors

Areas of Research

The House Institute Foundation has long been a leader in defining the causes of hearing and neurological disorders and improving sensory devices and diagnostic techniques. Our discoveries have led to improved treatments and care for millions around the world.

Some of our research milestones include:

  • First cochlear implant for use in clinical trials
  • First digital hearing aid in the United States
  • First functional noise hearing test (HINT)
  • First central neural prosthesis for hearing restoration (Auditory Brainstem Implant)

Hearing Science Accelerator

Some hearing and neurological disorders have not seen advancements or cures in decades. In response to this, we created the Hearing Science Accelerator, a workshop that brings together the medical community once a year to focus on a specific disease.

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