Research Programs

Let’s move the needle on hearing and neurological sciences together.

HIF Research Centers

The HIF research centers will offer an infrastructure to support complimentary research studies with a disorder or unique population focus. The Centers’ multi-disciplinary environment lends itself to translational research that includes laboratory-based science, clinical interventions, and the ability to inform HIF’s advocacy for families and communities.

The Hearing Science Accelerator

Many hearing and neurological disorders have not seen advancements in decades. The Hearing Science Accelerator Program is designed to address this. The program provides a venue for thought-leaders and experts from around the world to tackle the most challenging hearing and neurological diseases and conditions with a tangible outcome – a way forward.

Clinical Trials

The strength of the Clinical Trials Program is the relationship between experienced physician-researchers and a unique patient population living with rare diseases and conditions. The patients cared for by the House Clinic physicians and surgeons are critical for the viability of clinical research to develop interventions for hearing and neurological diseases and conditions.

Financial Investment

HIF funds investigator-initiated research that demonstrates the potential to serve as a foundation for future high-impact research studies. For all requests over $20,000, the grant-making process emulates the rigor of NIH funding through external review. HIF funded studies are vetted for their contribution to science and innovation. Each researcher commits to transparent and collaborative science, as well as rapid dissemination of results.

HIF provides an administrative and financial infrastructure to manage internal and extramural research funding. HIF faculty include 5 neurotologists, 2 neurosurgeons, 3 clinical fellows, 1 research fellow, 1 research scientist, and 7 audiologists, as well as 13 adjunct faculty.

Despite the challenges behind clinical research during the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021, HIF was able to invest $3,339,907 in research. See below for a breakdown of our research investments in 2020 and 2021.

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