One Time Gift:  

Make a difference in the lives of the deaf and hard-of-hearing today with a donation to the House Institute Foundation. 

Increase Your Impact by Giving Monthly

Join a community of dedicated monthly contributors making a difference in the lives of people at home and abroad.

  • If 15 people give $25 a month, we can fund our next research project for improving the sound quality of cochlear implants. 
  • If 15 people give $50 a month, we can send a team of pediatric audiologists and Neurotologists to one of our partners in central America. 
  • If 15 people give just $100, we can train the next generation of Neurotologists in developing countries on the latest surgical techniques for hearing preservation. 

Memorial Gift (Tribute Gift)

Donate to the House Institute Foundation in honor or in memory of someone. Celebrate a birthday, wedding, holiday, or special occasion.

Matching Gift

Many companies offer employee matching gift programs and will double the impact of your donation. Contact your employer before making your donation.

Stock Donation

To make a stock donation, please email us at

Mail in Your Gift

You can mail your donations to:
2100 W 3rd St.
Ste 111
Los Angeles, CA 90057

Donate Your Temporal Bone to Research

If Interested, please fill the form below. We require that any donations be coordinated prior to death. For questions email