8 Family Friendly Games for All Hearing Abilities

Dec 22, 2020 | House Institute Foundation, Lifestyle

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Stay interactive with family and friends this holiday season by playing games that are accessible to all. Whether it is an old favorite or new to you, here are some suggestions to get creative and add a hint of adventure and friendly competition at home.

  1. Charades – This classic party game requires you to mime the word you are thinking of while others guess what that word is. This can also be played digitally over Zoom for those celebrating from afar.  
  2. Cup Pong – This party game existed in a libation-free rendition long before your college days! The tabletop game requires a table, cups, ping pong balls and some serious tossing skills. 
  3. Scrabble – The board game that puts your brain to use. In Scrabble, you must use the letters available to create and form words to earn points on the board. The game allows for up to four players and is a fun way to support word acquisition in children and teens.
  4. Chess – No verbal communication is necessary for this two-player game, only skill and knowledge of the plays. Try your hand at the game that is back in the limelight thanks to popular shows such as the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix.
  5. Splendor – A two-to-four player game, Splendor challenges you to earn prestige points through collecting gems as merchants and utilizing resources to gain noble favor. If you like renaissance flair and mystique, this fast strategy game will make for an exciting evening. More info and where to buy.  
  6. Monopoly Deal – Don’t forget the old favorites with a new spin! While traditional Monopoly may feel never-ending, the card game version allows you to channel your inner entrepreneur in lightning rounds of two to five players. More info and where to buy.
  7. Carcassonne – In this board game about expansion and outlasting your competitors, tap into your imagination and use your resources to build a civilization of meandering medieval roads and little towns in the French countryside. More info and where to buy.
  8. Say Anything – In spite of the name of the game, Say Anything does not require verbal communication between parties. One player will pose a question and it is up to the others to write down answers they think the asker will choose. Points are earned when your answer is chosen or by correctly guessing the selected response. With questions like “when is it the worst time to laugh out loud?”, your responses could be witty, spark a story, or reveal a more serious truth about you. More info and where to buy.

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