Neurotologists and audiologists worldwide deserve the best education on treating and preventing hearing complications. 

International Curriculum Development

The House Institute is designing a curriculum to instruct best practices in the use of audiological technology in regions where adequate training may not yet exist. Initial modules focus on hearing aids, best diagnostics, equipment usage, and more. Once completed, the open-access curriculum will be available online, translated into Spanish and Mandarin, and piloted with our international partners.

This curriculum project is one of many examples of how our global health efforts intersect with our mission to educate healthcare professionals worldwide, empowering hearing health professionals to provide excellent care in their local communities.

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International Training – Visiting Physicians Program

The House Institute Foundation has a long history of welcoming neurotologists from all over the world to learn surgical techniques by observing our physicians. To date, we have hosted over 40,000 physicians from all 50 states and 68 countries.

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“It does not help to develop procedures unless we share.”

Dr. Howard House 

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