Imagine if every otologist/neurologist in the United States cultivated a sustainable global project during their career? With over 300 neurotologists in the United States, the impact would be monumental, supporting countries around the world with the skills and resources they need to prioritize hearing health in their local communities. Sustainable outreach and long-term partnership in the humanitarian sphere is a social responsibility we strive to cultivate amongst our fellows and physicians. We are working to model this ethos and develop structures such as our Global Otology Coordination Center that support a global hearing health movement. We hope to increasingly unite hearing health professionals around the world in dedicating their time and expertise to solve the global hearing health crisis.

The coordination of humanitarian efforts to provide hearing care, early diagnosis, surgical intervention, and other treatments in low-to-middle-income countries is often sporadic and decentralized. While certain bodies bring specialists from around the world together to share knowledge and hearing health developments (such as the annual International Coalition for Global Hearing Health’s annual conference), a platform that systematically connects hearing professionals with sustainable opportunities to serve and train local health care workers while doing so, does not yet exist.

Global Otology Coordination Center  

We are designing a web-based coordination center that will offer a comprehensive list of sustainable humanitarian projects and volunteer possibilities in the field of otology. Its purpose is to increase knowledge of and involvement in existing programs, highlight current needs and research opportunities, encourage collaboration around the world, and support the assembly of high-performing, cross-functional teams who make a lasting commitment to invest in these programs.

Our Global Otology Coordination Center is currently under construction. If you are familiar with otology programs that may meet our sustainability criteria, please support the development of our new site by sharing more information here.

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