William H. Slattery, III, MD

Erin N. O’Donnell

Associate Director of Education and Global Health

Erin grew up in several European countries. After college, she launched herself into the field of education equity, working to reduce high school drop-out rates in underserved communities and first-generation college students. She used her cross-cultural upbringing to uniquely connect with these populations and serve as an advisor and career counselor at several universities in the Boston area. Upon relocating to Los Angeles to integrate professional work life with artistic endeavors, the House Institute Foundation presented the perfect opportunity to transition from direct service into non-profit management, while leveraging her passion for health and wellness for all, both at home and on a global scale.


Tufts University, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and International Relations with a focus on Global Health, Nutrition, and the Environment


Erin can be found on her yoga mat, as well as engaging in all things creative and outdoorsy. While she loves living in LA as a singer-songwriter, she equally loves leaving LA to explore the beauty of nature. On weekends, she will often escape city pavements to embark on some kind of hiking, camping, rock climbing or contemplation-of-the-night-sky adventure.