In-House Outreach: Our Digital Education Initiative for Physicians-In-Training

Jun 15, 2021 | Education, House Institute Foundation

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By Javia Headley, Marketing Communications Manager

An effective tool in medical education and the provision of top-of-the-line patient care is the grand rounds methodology, which consists of presenting the medical problems of a particular patient to an audience of doctors and physicians-in-training.


Created as a method for junior physicians to review patients, it has since evolved into a way for professionals to stay up to date through the constantly changing nature of medicine. The House Institute has long provided a weekly grand rounds lecture aimed at educating fellows and visiting physicians.

At the start of the pandemic, grand rounds went digital, allowing the program to expand and include physicians worldwide. Sarah Hodge, MD, a first-year neurotology fellow here at the House Institute, says, “The main benefit of a digital grand rounds is the ability to hear from world experts in the field on a wide range of topics relevant to neurotology without having to travel to attend the meeting physically. Recording and publicizing each lecture digitally also provides a platform for further study if wanting to brush up on particular topics at more flexible hours such as in the evenings or on the weekend.”

As this series continues to adapt and grow, we are excited to provide open access to any hearing health professional who would like to benefit. This platform has drawn many world-renowned speakers in the past, allowing physicians worldwide to stay plugged into the practical applications of new research studies and the ever-improving standard of hearing health care. By creating this digital space, we hope to help foster a culture of excellence for clinicians everywhere.

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