Introducing Patient Education and Family Services

Jan 24, 2023 | House Institute Foundation, Research

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Learning of a new diagnosis or navigating the complicated particulars of hearing related conditions can be scary and stressful, both for a young patient and the family that loves them.

The House Institute Foundation’s (HIF) Patient Education and Family Services has been carefully woven into the operations at the House Children’s Hearing Center as a specialized patient-advocacy department to serve families from birth to 21.

We believe that a successful patient/family-driven program is created from the scenarios we help parents and patients through each day: the frustrations we hear, the challenges expressed, and yes, sometimes the tears that are shed. So, we fashioned the program to provide families with compassionate guidance, patient support, educational counseling, specialist referrals, speech and language referrals, parenting, child and teen support groups, and community-based resources in English and Spanish. We listen carefully to what our parent/guardians say and probe what isn’t to continue to grow our services for the families that need us.

Our program is offered at no cost and tailored to ensure that each patient has their rightful opportunity to thrive.

Helping Real-World Patients  

During a call, a distressed mom shares her frustrations: her teenage son refuses to wear his hearing aids.

Through conversation and counseling, the Family Services Team learns that the patient has an anxiety quite common among teens: appearing strange or different from their peers. The team worked to swap his 9-year-old equipment with a newer model – one that could even be hidden by hair – and encouraged the teen to give them a test try.

The results? Potentially priceless and life-changing for the patient. The teen is excited to learn more in the classroom and have conversations with friends. Meanwhile, Mom can rest easy knowing that her son isn’t missing out on any social or academic opportunities.

 Eyes and Ears on the Horizon  

The Family Services Team is committed to creating meaningful change in the lives of each individual.

Patient Navigator Claudia Villegas-Avalos reflects, “The Patient Education and Family Services department is a combination of ‘hearing with heart’ and state of the art technology. Individually, each is powerful; together, they are unstoppable. Our patient’s life is about to change – burst open with new sounds, new dreams, and new opportunities.”

Here for Support  

Contact us today for an informational meeting. Our dedicated program manager will work with you to explore how our free program can best support the needs of your family.

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