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Jun 27, 2022 | House Institute Foundation, Research

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By Audrey Salzburg, Director of Development


William, 4 years old, loves to listen, sing, and dance along with music.

Our Primary Goal is to ensure EVERY child that comes through our doors received the world-class care our 75-year history of ear and neuroscience expertise can provide.

“We are so thankful he gets to hear and experience the gift of sounds,” William’s mother, Erica, shared after he underwent bilateral cochlear implant surgery at just 7 months old. “Seeing William hear my voice and my husband’s voice for the first time is something we will never forget, nor take for granted. William loves to communicate and listens so well. One of his favorite things is to listen, dance, and sing to music. He loves it!”

There are so many children like William in desperate need of quality care and expertise. Two to 3 out of every 1,000 children in the United States are born with a detectible level of hearing loss, according to the CDC. 


While hearing loss can result from any number of causes, including complex neurological defects, birth complications, infectious diseases, and exposure to loud sounds, 60% of hearing loss in children can be prevented. And no matter the cause, early detection is the key.

The House Institute is pleased to announce the launch of a pediatric facility committed to this unseen epidemic. The House Children’s Hearing Center (HCHC) is a comprehensive care facility dedicated to evaluating, diagnosing, and treating the full spectrum of hearing conditions in children from birth to 18 years of age. Our primary goal is to ensure every child that comes through our doors receives the world-class care our 75-year history of ear and neuroscience expertise can provide.

This summer, we will open the doors to the only full- service pediatric hearing center in Los Angeles devoted entirely to infants and youth, and welcome families for newborn hearing screenings, hearing aid and cochlear implant services, speech therapy, and bilingual patient navigation program, including educational support and case management services.

A collaboration with the House Institute Foundation’s research, education, and global hearing health programs will expedite promising research, identify tangible cures, ensure families are equipped with education and resources, and bring these solutions to communities in need. Partnering with the House Institute physicians, researchers, and staff will establish this center as the premier Children’s Hearing Health Center in Los Angeles. 

Anya, 17, receiving care after being adopted from Ukraine a year ago.








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