Ears Inc.


Dominican Republic, Malawi, Fiji, Papua New Guinea



Areas of Focus:

Audiology Services


Hear the World Foundation, African Bible Colleges, Sound Seekers, Callan Services for Disabled Persons, Frank Hilton Organization

Specific Volunteer or Resource Needs:

Needs vary based on country.


Since EARS Incorporated’s inception in December 1998, volunteers have worked on the ground in Botswana, Cambodia, Columbia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Fiji, India, Malawi, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, the Solomon Islands, Swaziland, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. All of these countries have little or no audiology services.

The gap between demand and supply in low- and middle-income countries is compounded by a range of issues, including poor public awareness of hearing loss and the benefits of hearing devices, a lack of accessible quality audiology services and practitioners, and the cost of hearing devices.

The help and support we offer varies depending on the country and needs. Activities may include testing hearing; fitting hearing aids (usually second hand); training teachers to conduct hearing tests, troubleshooting hearing aid problems and making earmolds; training health workers to screen hearing; and running community education sessions on hearing and ear care.