Matagalpa Hears


Matagalpa, Nicaragua


Annually for 1 week

Areas of Focus:

Pediatric audiology, hearing testing, hearing aid fittings


The House Institute Foundation (supporting institution), Fara Clinic

Specific Volunteer or Resource Needs:

Pediatric audiologists, hearing aid technicians, medical doctors for earwax removal and supervision of oral sedation, volunteers bilingual in Spanish, ASL/NSL, hearing aid donations.


Fara Clinic was founded in 2010 as a cervical cancer early detection and prevention center. Today, they are a go-to resource for the surrounding community and welcome medical brigades of various specialties in their 8,000 square foot clinic. In 2023, the House Institute Foundation started partnering with Fara Clinic to fit hearing aids primarily for children. This built upon the former annual work of Debbie Venkatesh, AuD, who visited each year until she retired in 2017. House Children’s Hearing Center audiologist, Gladys Diaz Garcia, AuD, attended those trips for 3 consecutive years, and now continues the legacy through leading a team coordinated by the House Institute Foundation. For many children in the region, this is the only access to audiology that they have. Many children returned in 2023 with devices from 6 years prior, fit by Debbie. Through this partnership, the House Institute Foundation is committed to offering annual audiological services, exploring how to expand to offer otologic care through the reginal hospital, and training local healthcare workers to at Fara Clinic to provide interim follow up.