Some ear and neurological diseases surrounding hearing loss have not seen advancement in decades. To address this, the House Institute Foundation created the Hearing Science Accelerator (HSA). Each HSA workshop calls on experts from around the world both inside and outside the medical community to focus on a specific disease in a formal academic setting. Participants will present and review research, as well as deliver a variety of suggestions on how we can accelerate the science of that disease. Hearing Science Accelerators will focus on clinical priorities as well as defining gaps in knowledge and research that hinder the implementation of new treatment modalities and will identify the necessary steps to address them.

Goals / Outcomes

  • Bring together thought leaders from clinical, research, and other related fields and disciplines 
  • Identify limitations of current treatments 
  • Identify barriers to advancing treatments 
  • Identify short, intermediate, and long-term goals for advancing clinical care and research 
  • Produce a white paper that reviews methods and summarizes goals

Clinical Priorities

  • Advance treatment modalities 
  • Advance current clinical care 
  • Advance application of emerging technologies