The House Institute Foundation Hearing Science Accelerator (HSA) is an initiative to advance biomedical research for hearing disorders for which there has long been a need for new treatment options. The program brings together experts from within the field of hearing science along with thought leaders from other disciplines. For each disorder, the HSA identifies research questions that will advance the science related to the disorder. The aim is to foster collaboration and change the approach to hearing research from iterative to innovative. The House Institute Foundation is committed to facilitating and funding research priorities identified through the HSA process.

The HSA is a three-step process: disease prioritization, disease workshop, and disease initiative. During the prioritization phase, we identify the pressing research questions and gaps in knowledge. During the workshop phase, experts come to a consensus on specific research priorities. Finally, in the initiative phase, we disseminate our findings to scientific and patient communities and facilitate the actualization of the research priorities that were identified in the workshop.

The HSA process:  

  1. Disease Prioritization 
    • Identify steering committee & recruit content/field experts
    • Review literature to identify gaps in knowledge
  2. Disease Workshop 
    • In-person deliberation on literature and current research
    • Identify research priorities
    • White paper publication
  3. Disease Initiative 
    • Disseminate research priorities
      • Publication of papers
      • Present at conferences
      • Newsletter, website, social media
    • Identify a plan for each research priority
      • Facilitate meetings between experts
      • Identify champion
      • Ensure experts publish papers and implement changes
    • Meet again with steering committee/field experts to discuss progress long-term

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