Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

The SSHL Hearing Science Accelerator brought together several individuals from across the hearing science field to provide expert input into the initiative. The steering committee, content experts, field experts, and stakeholders, all joined and collaborated throughout multiple virtual meetings and during the in-person workshop on April 21-23, 2023 in Washington D.C., to produce meaningful research priorities that will be used to improve the etiologies, diagnostic capabilities, and treatments for SSHL.

Steering Committee

The House Hearing Science Accelerator leadership team includes the PI/Program Chair and program steering committee. These individuals are all experts in neurotology.

William H. Slattery III, M.D., HSA Program Chair, President House Ear Clinic, Clinical Professor, University of California Los Angeles

Sujana Chandrasekhar, M.D., ENT & Allergy Associates, former President of AAO-HNS (2015- 2016), Council Member, American Otological Society

David Haynes, MD, FACS, MMHC, Professor, Department of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery, Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

Seth Schwartz, MD, MPH, ENT-Otolaryngologist & Neurotologist, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health

Andrea Vambutas, M.D., Chair of Otolaryngology, Long Island Jewish Medical Center and North Shore University Hospital, Director of Center of Hearing & Balance at NY Head & Neck Institute, Medical Director of Apelian Cochlear Implant Center

The Experts

Twenty-eight experts in/around sudden hearing loss participated from 22 different institutions.

Participants Institutions
Ali Andalibi, PhD George Mason University
Simon Angeli, MD University of Miami
Nick Andresen, MD Johns Hopkins University
Seilesh Babu, MD Michigan Ear Institute
William Britt, MD University of Alabama at Birmingham
Jay C. Buckey Jr., MD Dartmouth College
John Butman, MD, PhD NIH Clinical Center
Sujana Chandrasekhar, MD ENT & Allergy Associates, LLP
Katharine Fernandez, AuD, PhD NIH NIDCD
David Haynes, MD Vanderbilt University
Ronna Hertzano, MD, PhD NIH NIDCD
Keiko Hirose, MD Washington University
Michael Hoa, MD NIH NIDCD
Sarah Hodge, MD Augusta University
Marissa Howard, PhD George Mason University
Anil Lalwani, MD Columbia University
Lance Liotta, MD, PhD George Mason University
Alessandra Luchini, PhD George Mason University
Norma de Olivera Penido, MD, PhD Federal University of Sao Paulo
Kourosh Parham, MD University of Connecticut
Stefan Plontke, MD Martin Luther University
Halle-Wittenberg Alicia Quesnel, MD Massachusetts Eye and Ear / Harvard University
Steven Douglas Rauch, MD Massachusetts Eye and Ear / Harvard University
James Saunders, MD Dartmouth College
Reimar Schlingensiepen, MD AudioCure Pharma GmbH
Seth Schwartz – MD, MPH Virginia Mason Franciscan Health
William Slattery, MD PIH Health House Ear Clinic
Douglas Stewart, MD NIH NCI
Andrea Vambutas, MD Northwell Health
Brian Westerberg, MD University of British Columbia

Workshop Pictures

SSHL Progress:

  • HSA for SSHL initiated in October 2022
  • In-person workshop held on April 21-23, 2023 in Washington D.C.
  • White paper submitted for publication in Otology & Neurotology journal in February 2024,
  • William Slattery, MD will be presenting research priorities at COSM conference in Chicago of May 2024
  • Facilitation to promote research priorities has commenced
  • Update meeting with past SSHL experts/participants will be arranged

Get Involved:

For questions or ways to get involved, please contact:

Shemms Najjar
Hearing Science Accelerator Coordinator 

Stay Up to Date with Our Research Efforts

Literature Updates:

  • Plontke, S.K., Girndt, M., Meisner, C., Fischer, I., Böselt, I., Löhler, J., Ludwig-Kraus, B., Richter, M., Steighardt, J., Reuter, B., Böttcher, C., Langer, J., Pethe, W., Seiwerth, I., Jovanovic, N., Großmann, W., Kienle-Gogolok, A., Boehm, A., Neudert, M., Diensthuber, M., Müller, A.H., Dazert, S., Guntinas-Lichius, O., Hornung, J., Vielsmeier, V., Stadler, J., & Rahne, T. (2023). High-Dose Glucocorticoids for the Treatment of Sudden Hearing Loss. NEJM Evidence. DOI:10.1056/evidoa2300172 High-Dose Glucocorticoids for the Treatment of Sudden Hearing Loss | NEJM Evidence